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What We Do

The selection of services provided by Lifecare Ambulance Service are not only of the highest quality, but are also available throughout the South Island to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

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First Response

Lifecare Ambulance Service provides a first response service for the Christchurch area on Friday and Saturday nights from 7PM till 7AM to handle low acuity jobs and free patient transport to hospital, 24 hours doctor, or chemists.


Event Medical Care

Our organisation provides event medical treatment for over 70 events a year around the South Island. Our events team all have a front line ambulance experience so your in good hands.

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Lifecall Medical Alarms

Lifecare Ambulance provide a 24/7 call out and monitoring service for our medical alarms and also supply a number of medical alarm units in the community depending on the users needs.


First Aid In Schools

Lifecare Ambulance Service is proud to be able to teach both primary and secondary school students the skills needed to help save a life as well as good CPR technique and use of an AED. This is a great programme that teaches students basic fist aid, How to call for an ambulance, CPR and AED training and much more, Students on completion will also receive a certificate stating they have completed a "First Aid In Schools" course.


NZQA Workplace First Aid

Lifecare Ambulance Service have teamed up with other organisations to offer the best practical and lecture based first aid course's that are run by ex ambulance officers or current practicing ambulance officers. This allows your trainers to pass on the knowledge and skills they have learnt first hand and incorporate it in a way that others can gain the skills and knowledge to help in a first aid situation.


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General Enquiries - (021) 041 5086 Emergency Calls (028) 420 3847

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